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For San Antonio Appliance Repair, many people chose Hartman’s Appliance Repair because it’s the most reliable appliance repair service in the area.
We will come to your house at a time convenient for you. Our company has many positive customer reviews across the internet. We provide personal service and exceptional quality workmanship. Don’t waste time and money with the other companies who promise the world, contact Hartman’s and get your appliance back in working order right away.

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When you purchase a washing machine, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, or dryer, you’re making a significant financial investment to help improve your quality of life. And with good maintenance, you can prolong the life of your appliances. But how frustrating is it to have a washer machine in your home, but still have to take your dirty clothes to the laundromat because your washing machine isn’t working? Or having to spend 4 hours a day washing and drying dishes instead of spending time with your family because your dishwasher won’t turn on. Or spending $200 on groceries, only to have your food go bad because your refrigerator and freezer have stopped keeping food cold? Hartman’s San Antonio Appliance Repair Service wants to get your appliances back running and saving you time! For a small cost, our service technicians will restore the convenience your broken appliances caused and get you back enjoying your free time again – instead of finding quarters for the laundromat.

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When you call us, you can expect and appointment with one of our service technicians within one or two business day. In many cases same day service is also available. During the initial consultation at your home for your San Antonio Appliance Repair, our service technician will diagnose the problem and provide you with an invoice total. Not an estimate that can leave you paying hundreds of surprise charges later. Once you agree on the San Antonio Appliance Repair amount, the technician will make your repair. Our technicians have a very high rate of completing the job during the initial service call.

Some of the appliances we can service include:

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