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Whether you love to cook or just appreciate having modern conveniences, you know that appliances play a very important role in your kitchen. Lake Magdalene appliance repairs help you keep your appliances in good working order. When your kitchen appliances need Lake Magdalene appliance repair, it is vital that you get a pro to take care of it. Call us today for all of your Lake Magdalene appliance repair needs.

Our family has been providing superior Lake Magdalene appliance repair to homeowners for more than 30 years.

At Hartman’s Lake Magdalene appliance repair, we believe that repairing the appliances in your home is only the very beginning of the job and while it is an important one, it is not everything we want to do. When you work with our team, you can trust that you will be working with expert technicians who take pride in Lake Magdalene appliance repair and the cleanliness of their work; that pride is reflected in how we treat you, as well as how we treat your home.

More About Lake Magdalene

Looking to move to Lake Magdalene, FL? The city is located in Hillsborough County and has a population of 28,560. The median income in Lake Magdalene, FL is $50,157 and the median home value is $174,600. Lake Magdalene, FL is also the perfect place to break in your new shoes, due to its availability of sidewalks to go pretty much anywhere, and bike lanes for bikes. Everything you need is nearby, so if you needed to walk or bike, it wouldn’t be awful. There are timed crosswalks at every intersection for pedestrian safety. In the Lake Magdalene area, every shopping center has a parking lot for their customers. In the downtown area, there is a lot of metered parking available and many lots and garages available to park in. Traffic is typically only bad during rush hours.

As a northwestern suburb of Tampa, this area of Hillsborough County had welcomed enough residents to receive its first post office in 1888, followed by a scattering of schools and churches. The rustic qualities of Lake Magdalene remained until the 1960s when residential construction in Tampa pushed northward. By 1990 almost 16,000 people lived in Lake.

Lake Magdalene is surrounded by, and takes its name from, a 206-acre freshwater lake. The lake’s name may come from the moniker of a Native American woman, Magdalena, who interpreted the language for a Spanish expedition into Florida in 1549, or the name may have resulted from the 1882 marriage in the community of John Parrish and Mary Magdalene Yates, daughter of Jonah Yates, first mayor of Plant City.

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