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Finding an Orange Park appliance repair company doesn’t have to be a time-consuming affair. Sure your dishwasher or stovetop may be on the fritz, so that is stressful, but the act of physically getting someone out the service call should not be. For residents of the Orange Park, appliance repair techs are just a phone call away. Or, if you’re more of an online-type person, you can schedule your Orange Park appliance repair online on Hartman’s website and an Orange Park appliance repair technician will be out before you know it!

Homeowners in say that in Orange Park, appliance repair means the difference between spending a lot of money on a new home appliance or a lesser amount on repairing the equipment. The savings can be significant. Additionally, for homeowners in Orange Park, appliance repair can mean saving them a trip to the dump to dispose of the old machine. By using an Orange Park appliance repair company to fix a broken-down home appliance instead of just going out and buying a new one, you’re helping to save the environment too.

For those who demand more from their appliance repair company, Orange Park residents know whom to call. As one of the most recommended Orange Park appliance repair companies in Florida, Hartman’s provides free estimates and fast emergency response times. No longer will you be sitting by the phone waiting for a technician to call about your appliance repair. Orange Park is well within our immediate service area and we are able to respond by phone at any time you call, day or night.

More About Orange Park

The Florida Winter Home and Improvement Company founded Orange Park in 1877, with owners and trustees predominantly from Boston, Massachusetts. As a direct result of hard times following the Civil War, the old “McIntosh” plantation at Laurel Grove was in shambles and changed hands several times. After purchasing several thousand acres of property in the area, the Florida Winter Home and Improvement Company created a new town and called it Orange Park! The property was subdivided into building lots and small farm tracts, and the present street system was laid out.

Since those early days, Orange Park has grown dramatically and has developed as the northeastern gateway to Clay County. Commerce and business has flourished, and Orange Park’s government have continued to make a wide variety of improvements in an effort to meet the demands of its citizens and residents.

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