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We take pride in being a Geneva appliance repair company you would feel good refer to others. Furthermore, frequently that is the means by which we get new clients! Our Geneva appliance repair experts are so responsive, proficient and supportive; they are frequently referred to friends, partners and neighbors.

Our family has been providing superior appliance repair to Central Florida homeowners for more than 30 years.

Geneva appliance repairs are guaranteed for your satisfaction. Our Geneva appliance repair staff strives to make sure you are satisfied at every step of the way.

Huge technological changes in home appliances have happened over the most recent 20 years because due to the implementation of computerized components and innovative technologies. This gives service personnel many difficulties if they are untrained.

At Hartman’s Appliance Repair, all of our Geneva appliance repair experts have been prepared to repair both the appliances featuring the latest computerized technologies and the older models. Our Geneva appliance repair specialists have be provided hands-on training on the major brands and appliances. Therefore, our Geneva appliance repair team can and will provide the highest level of service and be able to complete your service request so that you can go about your life.

More About Geneva

John and William Bartram first documented Geneva Florida’s history in 1765-66. Since then, there have been several other documentations: Anthropologist Daniel Britton in 1850, scientists of Harvard University in 1875 and by an Archeological Cultural Resources Study and an Architectural Resources Study.

The Geneva Cemetery is located on a piece of land that was donated by Progar Debogory. Debogory was the head of one of the Russian families that settled in the Geneva area in the 1800s. There are currently 17 U.S. Civil War soldiers buried in the Geneva Cemetery, 15 of these soldiers served in the confederacy and only 2 served in the union. There were originally 18 soldiers buried, however one soldier’s remains were removed by his family and placed in a different cemetery.

Early schools in Geneva were originally located in the homes of local residents. The first formal school was built in 1874 on land that was also donated by Progar Debogory. A new one-room school was built by 1903 in replacement of the original schoolhouse. In 1924, a new building was built out of bricks and had 4 rooms to accommodate more students. In 1941, principal W.L. Seig developed a unique 4-H program focused on the development of home economics and farming skills. This program was sponsored by Rollins College and this accomplishment is acknowledged and praised in the “History of the Seminole County Public Schools”. In 1988, an elementary school was built surrounding the old brick schoolhouse. The old schoolhouse was preserved for the community and in 1995 it served as a family resource center. Finally in 2008, the building was dedicated to the community to serve as a rural heritage center.

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