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Eaton appliance repair specialists can be found at a nearby organization called Hartman’s Appliance Repair. This highly regarded company is known as being Central Florida’s main supplier for appliance repair. Eatonville occupants can be rest guaranteed to get immediate attention, master repairs, and expert workmanship when working with an Eatonville appliance repair professional from Hartman’s.

Our family has been providing superior appliance repair to Central Florida homeowners for more than 30 years.

Planning an Eatonville appliance repair service to make fast repairs to your home appliance can be baffling. Long hold times or professionals that don’t show up can cause undue stress. With Hartman’s Eatonville appliance repairs you can remain calm. From the booking of a service call to the repair itself and any subsequent follow-up that is required. We have your back!

Hartman’s is notable to mortgage holders in Eatonville. Appliance repairs made with this leading organization are made right the first run through.

For occupants of Eatonville, appliance repairs can be finished in one trip for some clients. Contact Hartman’s appliance repair today and be furnished with master appliance repair technician for the best service of all of your Eatonville appliance repair needs.

More About Eatonville

Three Union officers, Captain Josiah Eaton, Captain Lewis Lawrence and another officer who is unknown, founded the Town of Eatonville. Following the Civil War, these men left America to settle in South America but during their voyage they turned back and settled in Florida. To give a little background, at this moment in time there were black in Central Florida who had been brought there by Seminole and Cherokee Indians. The Indians had stolen the black slaves from many states along the coast. Over time, many of the Indians and former slaves that did not move west, stayed in Central Florida.

Tony Taylor, a black man, was elected as the town’s first mayor. And another black man, Joe Clarke, was elected town Marshall. Clarke has envisioned an all black town and was determined to make it happen. He discussed the idea with Captain Eaton and Captain Lawrence, both of which supported the idea. After a year of planning, Eaton and Lawrence bought a parcel of land adjacent to Maitland and built a church and hall, for general assembly. Shortly thereafter, in August of 1887, the town of Eatonville received its charter of incorporation from Tallahassee.

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